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Schenkel Shultz Completes Design of Building 2 on Daytona State College’s Deltona Campus

Deltona, FL, August 17, 2022 – A growing demand to strengthen the career pipeline for professionals in the healthcare and machining industries prompted Daytona State College (DSC) to embark on the construction of a new multi-disciplinary laboratory and academic building on the College’s Deltona campus. Building 2, designed by Schenkel Shultz, broke ground on August 17th and will house classrooms, workforce training labs to give students a practical learning environment to achieve their academic goals and create a qualified workforce.

The new academic building, the second building on campus, embraces its native surroundings, creates campus synergy and nurtures a newfound ecosystem of student life. By placing the building to the south of the existing Fathi Hall, the interstitial space between the new and existing building is stitched together, becoming a place of exchange and connectivity. The connection and student activity between the buildings creates a true campus feeling. The student patio and courtyard also become a place for respite between classes or for individual study or group meetings.

“The design and textures were inspired by the local ecology and history of the site that unveiled a unique mix of wildlife and landscape that informed the design response on the interior and exterior,” said Ekta P. Desai, AIA, Partner and Design Lead at Schenkel Shultz. “The Florida scrub, a lush and unique geological condition that exists in Deltona, were conceptualized to create a pattern on the formliner panels to create a visual interest and texture on what would be concrete, flat panels.”

Workforce career programs are a hallmark of Daytona State College’s curriculum and services offered at all of their campuses. Building 2 is the result of the College’s vision to provide students with hands-on workforce training, education and practice in high demand occupations. The programs housed in Building 2 will include general medical, nursing, chemistry, biology, surgical and machining labs and classrooms. With an understanding that workforce training shifts with industry needs, the design is based on a resilient modular structural grid that can adapt over time to meet various program and technology requirements and teaching modalities. “The design blends these academic programs with a student lounge that engages the commuter population and offers flexible seating and options to ‘plug-in’ anywhere,” said Patrick G. Rauch, AIA, Principal and Education Designer at Schenkel Shultz. “An open, social stair connects the entry, bookstore and lounge spatially and visually, while also giving students a place to collaborate and gather.”

The building’s exterior establishes a new front door and sense of identity from Providence Boulevard and from the student parking area. Tilt-wall panels are utilized for economy of construction with a pattern to parallel the programs highlighted within the new building, through staggered and alternating openings that allow natural light into the learning spaces. The circulation spaces are filled with ample daylighting by way of clerestories.

Building 2 is being constructed by Ajax Building Corporation. This is the second building Schenkel Shultz has designed for Daytona State College. The first was the Green Globes certified Building 3 on the Palm Coast campus that opened in 2014.

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