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Our role as community designers transcends beyond traditional architecture.  We remain active participants in the development and progress of our communities. As a growing region, Central Florida continues to face a number of critical challenges including those around infrastructure and transportation. 

In 2021, Schenkel Shultz Partner, Michelle Chandler, moderated a panel at Synapse Orlando that focused on the impact that technology and entrepreneurship has on the region’s progressive transportation ecosystem. The conversation, aptly titled “Innovation in Transportation” involved representatives from local businesses who are national leaders in autonomous mobility.  Beep, Luminar and Lillium are pioneering the research and development of autonomous vehicles and flights – all of which impacts the way we grow and innovate as a region. The conversation centered around the progressive programs and technologies each of these businesses are implementing right here in our community.  As a critical community stakeholder, Schenkel Shultz takes great pride in being a part of the dialogue and ideation that leads to breakthroughs and development that enhances the quality of our region.