Sheriff’s Administrative Headquarters

Charlotte County

The concept for the new Charlotte County Sheriff’s Headquarters is rooted in the core principles of service, interaction, and law enforcement. Through a thoughtful approach to planning, the facility effectively accommodates and supports the diverse needs of the County. The inclusion of dedicated spaces for community engagements and interactions between residents and law enforcement officials promotes open communication, trust, and collaboration. By creating an environment that encourages in-person dialogue, the Sheriff’s Administrative Headquarters fosters a strong connection between law enforcement and the public, ultimately enhancing the overall safety and well-being of the community.

The building's exterior design embodies the multifunctional nature of the sheriff's office, employing a "push-pull" style in line with the 'form follows function' approach. This dynamic movement signifies the diverse energies involved in law enforcement. A welcoming low canopy envelopes the structure, guiding visitors into the lobby and community room, symbolizing unity and safety, and providing a sense of shelter and protection.
The public lobby and community room are accessible from the first floor with secure offices and departmental space located on the second and third levels. Warm wood tones elevate the brand while the familiarity of the sheriff’s green palette welcome new visitors.
The building plan prioritizes efficiency and optimization providing tailored spaces to meet the specific needs of the twelve departments within a compact footprint. Public service areas are designed to be open and inviting, encouraging easy access and interaction. Conversely, the law enforcement areas prioritize security and privacy, ensuring confidentiality for sensitive operations. Employee well-being is also a priority, with amenities like a break room and fitness center integrated into the design, and highlights with warm wood paneling to help offset the intensity of the workday.