Public Works Facility 

City of Edgewater

Public works agencies proactively identify innovative solutions for creating a sustainable city for future generations through the planning, design, construction, maintenance and operation of public infrastructure.  This charge and the celebration of Florida’s stature informed the driving concept for the new Edgewater Public Works project.  The design resembles a series of volumes embedded in the landscape, with a public eco-garden at its front door.  Creating a dignified and ‘clean’ public presence was key to concealing the utility and need for material bays at the rear of the site.

By ensuring the highest standards of safety and security, optimizing the vehicular flow throughout the site and material bays, and integrating sustainable practices, the project streamlines operations and enhances productivity amongst various agency groups.

The internal public-facing program extends directly from the eco-garden, such as the lobby, reception and outdoor dining areas. Flexible spaces promote enhanced collaboration and productivity among city departments. The new design brings together multiple city departments including Public Works, Field Utilities and Engineering. To meet the function and needs of each distinct stakeholder, training areas, maintenance bays and an emergency operations training center were incorporated into the design.

An eco-garden with a rainwater cistern are unique design features that promote stewardship and discovery through organic connections and educational nodes.