Executive Terminal 

Marco Island Airport

The design of the Marco Island Airport Terminal is centered around creating a true Florida experience for travelers. It reflects a coastal elegance that reinforces the romanticism of flight with the timeless charm of Old Florida. The modern facility pays homage to the island’s history and natural beauty. The terminal’s exterior mimics a traditional Florida vernacular from in the 19th century. The interior is shaped by Florida-inspired artwork and nostalgic displays, including the history of the island and its early aviation beginnings. 

Located adjacent to Rookery Bay Preserve, the Terminal's proximity to nature is significant. It underscores the importance of environmental stewardship, encourages ecotourism to the historic region, and enables opportunities for educational and recreational experiences that enrich the traveler experience to the surrounding area.
A grand staircase connects the second floor with administrative space for the airport authority’s operations, tenant suites and a multi-purpose community room with views to the terminal activity, and airfield beyond.
“Nestled within Rookery Bay, a protected wetland of more than 110,000 acres, the Marco Island Airport has been a destination airport since the 1960s. Once a stop between Miami and Fort Myers, the terminal is a community amenity that now serves corporate, executive and recreational passengers.”
Gary Krueger, AIA, Partner
A custom light installation punctuates the terminal core and is suggestive of a flock of seagulls hovering overhead.


  • 2021 General Aviation Airport Project of the Year, FDOT