San Jose Executive Terminal & Hangars 

Signature Flight Support

Signature San Jose is a creative extension to Silicon Valley and its commitment to sustainability, excellence, and innovation. The terminal is a welcoming and modern space that is designed to provide passengers with a comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable travel experience. Just miles from Silicon Valley, the terminal is a gateway to the heart of advances in technology. 

The 29-acre complex includes a new terminal and seven hangars for large business jets. They are equipped with security features including 24-hour security cameras and access control making the complex an ideal destination for businesses and executives who need a safe and secure place to store and maintain their aircraft.
The terminal is also designed to prioritize sustainability which is achieved through a combination of on-site renewable energy generation and energy efficiency measures. The environmentally focused design of the new terminal at Signature San Jose is a significant step towards reducing the environmental impact of private aviation. Earning three separate LEED® Silver certifications, the terminal is a model for other airports and businesses that are looking to mitigate their negative impact on the built environment.
An outdoor courtyard connects the landside and airside with natural vegetation, café seating, water features and pebble gardens.