Communication & Media Building

University of Central Florida

The University of Florida Communication & Media Building at the downtown campus is an incubator for aspiring digital artists and communication professionals, offering a platform to explore, create, and test their ideas. The renovation included the addition of a motion capture studio, a virtual reality lab, and a makerspace. These facilities allow students to immerse themselves in emerging technologies to cultivate their creative talents. Urbanistically, the building connects with the Dr. Phillips Academic Commons, which is located across the street, and is a shared space for students, faculty, and staff and equipping students with the necessary expertise to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of the modern workforce.

The collaborative technology labs include virtual reality, gaming research and teaming spaces where students can learn and repair systems together.
The atmosphere of the renovation borrows from an artist studio environment, utilizing a material palette that is highly durable and lean was approached with intention. Epoxy flooring with soft movement, perforated metal panels and linear specialty baffles articulate the labs and student-centered spaces. This programming cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset, equipping students with the practical skills and confidence they need to thrive in the ever-evolving fields of media and communication.