Valencia at Lake Nona

Valencia College

Valencia College established a new presence in Lake Nona to provide reach and opportunity to students in the region. Known as largely a commuter population, this project was the first to establish a micro-campus setting with plans for future growth.

The design of Valencia at Lake Nona caters to the community needs by offering advanced learning environments for students and residence. The campus strengthens its locale by serving as a hub for knowledge sharing, fostering collaboration, and providing networking opportunities for students, faculty, and residents. Students are at the heart of Valencia College's mission. Acting as a bridge between the classroom and real-world directly contributes to the economic and social growth of the area to support new business and service partnerships.
The presence of a student café and bookstore creates a social atmosphere where people can gather, exchange ideas, and engage in community events. It also contributes to the economic growth of the area by attracting students, faculty, and visitors who support local businesses and services.
The learning courtyard was designed to be flexible and support community events. The interior classrooms buffer the courtyard and visually connect to each floor level offering views and daylight.
As a Level 3 Green Globes certified building, special attention was given to creating a healthy and sustainable environment using native vegetation and reflective roof systems to reduce heat island effect.
The design reflects a Pacific Northwest aesthetic clad with stone, brick of varying textures and patterns, metal panels and sunshades.
The project places all the campus amenities needed for a new campus development under one roof, including classrooms, general science labs, student services, bookstore, café, library, and offices.


  • 2013 1st Place Award – Architectural Showcase; College Category, Florida Education Facility Planners Association
  • 2012 Honorable Mention Winner, Learning By Design