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Schenkel Shultz Announces Relocation to Winter Park Design District

ORLANDO, FL (March 12, 2024) Schenkel Shultz, an Orlando-based architecture and design studio, will move its corporate headquarters to the vibrant Winter Park design district in the fall of 2024. This strategic relocation marks a significant milestone for the company and reflects its commitment to sustainability, collaboration, and community-building.

The new headquarters at 834 North Orange Avenue will encompass a sprawling 12,000 square feet on a single level. This innovative space will accommodate the entire 65-member team, fostering a dynamic and open work environment that encourages collaboration and creativity. In addition to the indoor workspace, the studio will boast outdoor areas dedicated to engaging programming and events, providing an inspiring setting for the team and its clients.

“We wanted to create ways for people to be excited about coming back to work because being together and collaborating in person is a big thing for us,” said Ekta Desai, Partner / Design Lead with Schenkel Shultz. “The team’s collective diversity of ideas and backgrounds makes our capabilities endless.”

Schenkel Shultz will reimagine the space into a cutting-edge design hub that embodies the studio’s core values and ideals. The expansive layout, combined with a commitment to sustainability, sets the stage for a workspace that meets the team’s needs and aligns with the company’s vision for a more environmentally conscious and socially responsible future.

This relocation comes on the heels of Schenkel Shultz’s sustainability commitments announced at the close of 2023. The renovations to the new studio will adhere to the “AIA Materials Pledge” principles, emphasizing the use of products that minimize carbon emissions and prioritize human health, climate health, ecosystem health, social health, and equity. This initiative aligns with the studio’s dedication to contributing to a circular economy and positively impacting the broader community.

The move to Winter Park represents a bold step forward for Schenkel Shultz as it continues to evolve and lead in the field of architecture and design. The studio looks forward to the positive impact this relocation will have on its team, clients, and the broader community.


About Schenkel Shultz Architecture

As a member of the Central Florida community for 40 years and headquartered in Downtown Orlando, Schenkel Shultz is committed to inspiring the community through impactful design. The architecture and interior design firm has built a legacy of success through a continued focus on design excellence that responds to the distinct needs of each client. Rooted in critical thinking, research, collaboration, and personal experiences, the firm is passionate about design and creating meaningful community partnerships.

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