1933 American Airlines Hangar Renovation & New Hangars

American Aero

The American Airlines Hangar project was designed to create a modern traveling experience for clients of American Aero FTW, a fixed-base operator that calls the airport home. 

Within this project, particular attention was given to the restoration of the historic 1933 American Airlines Hangar. Preserving and revitalizing this iconic structure was a key objective, honoring its heritage and ensuring its long-term sustainability. The restoration process involved careful study and attention to detail, allowing the hangar to regain its former glory while integrating modern functionalities. By preserving this piece of aviation history, the project pays homage to the pioneering spirit of American Airlines in commercial flight history.
The original American Airways logo was preserved in the building’s Art Deco style accentuated by stone pillars and aluminum panels at the main entrance.
The completion of the American Aero FTW Additional Hangars project at Meacham International Airport marks a significant milestone in the airport's redevelopment journey. The newly constructed hangar facilities, along with the restoration of the historic American Airlines Hangar, not only accommodate the growing demand for aviation services but also demonstrate the airport's commitment to providing renewed facilities that meet the needs of modern aviation professionals and businesses. This redevelopment effort positions Meacham International Airport as a hub for innovation, growth, and excellence within the aviation industry.