Jacqueline Bradley and Clarence Otis Boys & Girls Club

Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida

The Jacqueline Bradley and Clarence Otis Family Boys & Girls Club is not just a social gathering place for students. It serves as a secure environment where kids receive educational assistance, positive mentorship, and exposure to cultural and artistic experiences they may not have access to otherwise. The facility offers a safe, supportive, and enriching space where children can learn, grow, and thrive in their personal development.

Located in the West Lakes neighborhood, just west of downtown Orlando, lies a vibrant community that is home to a diverse population of families and children. This neighborhood is well-served by several schools, parks, and various community resources ensuring that residents have access to the necessary facilities and support. The new club, situated on a serene street, boasts easy access to convenient public transportation, making it readily accessible for children and families. With its spacious site enveloped by trees and green spaces, the club provides a warm and inviting environment playing host to a multitude of programs and services.
The building program has dedicated learning centers, art labs, music, career resource and game rooms for both youth and teens to strengthen social interactions.
Natural daylight seeps through the center by way of open glass, balconies and terraces that provide a connection to the outdoors and frames the natural landscape.
The lounge area is used for activities and encourages connection through energetic colors, warm finishes, and a varietal of seating options.
“West Lakes is not only the right place, but the right cause. This was the right kind of facility to really invest in the kids and make sure they had the resources that they need to thrive and to really have big aspirations and achieve those dreams.”
Clarence Otis, former CEO of Darden Restaurants and donor of the Boys & Girls Club
Each zone has a bright, distinctive color pattern with gathering spots for connection and conversation.
The design of the West Lake Boys and Girls Club creates an engaging and versatile environment that supports a wide range of activities and programs. This is achieved through the implementation of a flex spaces, allowing for easy reconfiguration and adaptation to accommodate various activities. Our long-standing relationship with the Boys and Girls Club informed the design process, working closely with club staff to ensure that the new facility would meet the needs of the community. The result is a space that is both functional and inviting, and that will provide a safe and supportive environment for children and youth for years to come.