Middleton Town Center 

The Villages

As a new ‘Family Village’ concept, Middleton represents a thoughtfully designed mixed-use development integrating educational, retail, commercial, and residential areas. Serving as a central nexus, this design encapsulates an all-encompassing community masterplan, capturing a work, live, and play ethos.

With an emphasis on fostering connectivity and promoting social interaction, the town center reflects a welcoming ambiance reminiscent of a tight-knit, small-town community. A range of public spaces, including the civic park, outdoor stage, school commons, and retail areas, offer abundant occasions for residents to come together, relax, and forge lasting bonds with one another.

The Cannery is a visual landmark and was placed strategically off the civic park to attract family gatherings and community events opening to views of the civic park.
The town center is connected by a series of parks, trails, bike paths and a community parkway that extends to the educational campuses to the south.
“The master plan is starting to be realized in a series of moments that enliven the live, work, play destination for new residents to call The Villages home.”
Daniel Laggan, AIA, Managing Partner
The family’s foundational roots inspired the vision of what this new community could become.
Middleton is a collaborative effort between the developer, architect, urban planner, and community. The town center reflects the overarching commitment to fostering a family-friendly setting and providing inviting public spaces where individuals can come together, interact, and forge connections. The approach enhances the overall quality of life for residents and visitors alike, elevating their experience in this dynamic and lively destination.