Shannon Staub Library 

Sarasota County Government

The partnership with Suncoast Technical College (STC) as a joint-use facility at the Shannon Staub Library brings significant benefits. By combining resources and expertise, the design fosters a dynamic learning environment that meets the client’s unique requirements and serves the needs of the community. The collaboration between the library and STC enables the cultivation of learning, innovation, and community engagement, creating a space that effectively supports educational pursuits and fosters collaboration between different institutions and community members.

At the heart of the library, experiential learning takes precedence through designated maker spaces and learning labs. These areas empower users to explore and create, fostering hands-on involvement and igniting the flame of innovation. Recognizing the significance of accommodating users of all ages, the design encompasses dedicated spaces for teens and children, forging inviting environments that cater to their specific needs and fostering a deep-seated passion for reading and exploration.
“Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve.”
Sidney Sheldon, American Writer
The library’s teen center features high top tables, a chalkboard wall, stool and couch seating options to uplift the spirit of lifelong learning.
The Shannon Staub Library serves as a hub for perpetual learning and interconnectedness within the community. Its design approach invites users to engage in a culture of continuous learning. From versatile learning spaces to community-centered areas, the design aligns with the client's vision and responds to the demands of the community. The library establishes an inclusive atmosphere that fosters personal development and encourages collaborative endeavors, creating a space where individuals can explore, connect, and grow together.