NeoCity Public Amenities 

Osceola County Government

Osceola County‘s investment into the new NeoCity master plan and smart campus has given way to many urban and social constructs as a part of its ideation. 

The public trail head will hug the new man-made lake to support running, walking, and biking modalities, reinforcing NeoCity’s healthy living initiatives.  As a result, along the trail head, mechanical and public amenity support needs are required. 
In response to providing these support systems and public parking, the design team endeavored to advance the public realm through art installation and thoughtful design. Reflective cladding on the utility and mechanical volumes enables the future of NeoCity development to reflect images from the heart of downtown deeper towards the southern end of the park.
The installation seamlessly incorporates a public trail, drawing inspiration from the distorted trees of Roxy Paine to create an immersive experience that captivates and intrigues viewers.