OEP Headquarters

Orlando Economic Partnership

The Orlando Economic Partnership (OEP) is shaping a promising future, enriched with deep history from the Central Florida region. OEP’s new headquarters in Downtown Orlando showcases a modern workplace that embodies the vision to fuel Orlando’s economy, embracing technology and innovation to advance widespread prosperity. The design communicates a story centered around people, societal well-being, and industry stimulation while conveying the organization’s dedication to the Orlando area.

The office is a hub of activity and a connection point for entrepreneurs, investors, and community partners through its array of meeting rooms and an acoustically-sound podcast room.
Located in the bustling atmosphere of historic Church Street in the heart of Downtown Orlando, the new headquarters amplifies the Partnership’s presence. Adopting a hybrid work schedule allows the organization to shift its focus and space allocation from predominantly staff-centered workspaces to further engage with the community and offer a physical networking venue to springboard new ideas.
The southern edge is characterized by the grit and history of Church Street, making it a neutral ground for exchange and ideation in the C-level hosting suite.
The Marketing Center is designed along a curved glass wall overlooking the first-floor lobby. Brand elements are communicated throughout with soft seating, informal collaboration settings and transparency.
With careful consideration, the project was designed to purposefully showcase OEP's work to the region while establishing a connection with the activities on the ground floor. The second-floor storefront features a stunning curved, panoramic glass façade, providing a view from the ground floor into the public workspaces and offering visitors a glimpse into the inner workings of the Partnership. A flowing guest sequence surrounds the curved glass wall, seamlessly connecting the lounge, podcast room, digital twin, conference, and event spaces. Meanwhile, staff workspaces and private hosting areas are strategically separated by varying degrees of transparency, allowing for a natural flow of movement in the public spaces while maintaining limited access to the private offices, ensuring minimal disruption.
The new headquarters is host to central Florida's first digital twin, offering data at your fingertips ranging from affordable housing to demographic forecasts.