Eastport Lifestyle Center 

The Villages

History makes place. The Eastman family established the legacy of Eastport, the newest multi-generational development at The Villages, with an illustrious boat-building story.  Built from the ‘original’ ruins of the 1900s structures that launched the family business, the Eastport Lifestyle Center is a lifeline to modern-day commercial and residential sales for the developer.

Upper levels house the various departments and sales teams, their administrative uses and training facilities for the next generation of brokers for The Villages. The Eastport Lifestyle Center is located in the heart of the development and within walking distance to the urban draws of Eastport with European-like streetscapes, pocket parks, and walkability promoting spontaneity, social exchange and leisure among residents and their guests.
Designed and detailed to resemble a renovated factory, the Lifestyle Center is built on the idea of offering a glimpse into "a day in the life" at The Villages. The core principles of the brand, including community, arts, and recreation are central to its concept. The ground floor functions as a showcase for prospective residents, carefully curating a range of amenities that tell the story of The Villages' lifestyle. Exhibits and a coffee house culminate in a lakefront porch, providing a picturesque view of the man-made lake and waterfront promenade. The corridors feature the character and texture reminiscent of the "original" factories, while modern elements allow for ample natural light, flexible seating options, and easy access to the outdoors.