Ribault High School 

Duval County Public Schools

The Jean Ribault High School project embodies modern campus principles while paying tribute to its 30-year civil rights and athletic history. This is achieved through a meticulously selected branded color palette that not only instills a sense of identity but also celebrates the school’s distinct heritage. The primary focus of the project is to create multi-disciplinary flexible learning spaces and state-of-the-art science labs that align with the demands of the 21st century, fostering collaboration and innovation among students. By consolidating programs and enhancing career technical education (CTE) in avionics, health sciences, culinary arts, and performance and visual arts, the project builds upon the school’s legacy and incorporates unique design features that inspire students to engage and collaborate with one another in between classes.

The design of the Jean Ribault High School project goes beyond basic functionality, seamlessly blending with the site's natural environment and fostering a dynamic student community. The innovative arts building design involves the renovation and connection of three existing buildings, strategically positioning the urban corner to showcase the front door, media center, and arts district. This creates a central hub for key programs that encourage connectivity and enhance a sense of campus camaraderie and culture. The gymnasium's visual prominence is highlighted with an urban art gesture on the front elevation, honoring Ribault's rich athletic legacy. The unique rooftop garden, overlooking the main entrance, offers students an opportunity to broaden their knowledge and practical skills in life sciences and horticulture, thereby forging a seamless link between education and collaboration.

The exterior design of the Jean Ribault High School project incorporates concrete tilt-wall panels with formliner, creating visual interest and shadow play. A clerestory at the main entry connects the front door to the internal courtyard, allowing a flood of natural light to filter through adding hierarchy to the front elevation. Brick patterns seamlessly blend the new structure with the historical buildings, harmonizing old and new elements. Large, tapered overhangs highlight key programmatic features, creating a distinct sense of place on the campus. The gymnasium, with its substantial massing and length of the front elevation, presents an opportunity for a large-scale urban art gesture, further enhancing the school's presence as a community cornerstone.
The innovative arts district, media center and gymnasium are showcased with colorful, angled overhangs to establish a new urban corner for the greater community.
“Jean Ribault High School’s motto of passionate about potential was the driving theme to design a modern campus that preserves the school’s civil rights and athletic history. The culture is collegiate and symbolizes a legacy and history that is unique.”
Patrick G. Rauch, AIA, Principal