Suncoast Technical College

Sarasota County Schools

Suncoast Technical College (STC) has laureled a community and academic incubator offering a diverse range of workforce development programs tailored to the needs of the Sarasota County community. The North Port and main campuses serve as cutting-edge learning environments, delivering essential workforce development programs to high school and adult students in the southern part of the county. Through these programs, STC equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the local job market.

Home to career education and technical training since 1967, the original campus underwent a phased replacement to offer new programs supported by modern technology and hands-on labs needed to train today’s workforce.
The main campus was organized on the premise of an interior street to simulate a day in the life of a real city. The planning concept extended from interior to exterior and between buildings, allowing the high bay labs to have a ‘store frontage’ with back-of-house areas at the rear for material storage, loading and unloading, and parking.
Surrounded by residential neighborhoods, the exterior carries features that mimic a corporate research center, promoting a sense of community, lifestyle and opportunity
The 72-acre main campus has six buildings, including a polytechnical high school, career and adult education buildings and high-bay technical labs. This cohesive campus interacts with the public through a student-run salon, café, auto repair shop and a multi-purpose community conference center.
“The Main and North Port campuses feature entry plazas that create a sense of arrival and gives access to the services that are offered to the community at each location. It was important that we created a unique identity at the main campus that could also translate throughout the County at future locations to create brand awareness for the technical college.”
Ken Dean, AIA, Partner
A high-bay automotive collision and service technology lab creates a real-world place for students to learn and elevate their on-the-job training. Partnerships with local car dealerships create synergies for tools, training, and mentorship.
The design of the North Port Campus is tailored to create a dynamic and engaging space, fostering collaborative learning and skill-building. With flexible classrooms and specialized labs, the campus provides students with the tools and resources they need to excel in their chosen fields. The North Port Campus is an integral part of STC's mission to prepare students for success in the local job market, contributing to the growth and prosperity of the community.
Health science programs are highlighted with a surgical technology lab, practical nursing suite, phlebotomy and a simulated emergency room to create real-world scenarios that students will face on the job.
Transparency into the technical labs from the instructional classrooms create a line of sight for security and allows students to break out into groups, while still maintaining a visual connection to one another.
Surrounded by residential neighborhoods, the exterior carries features that mimic a corporate research center, promoting a sense of community, lifestyle and opportunity.


  • 2021 1st Place Award – Architectural Showcase; College Category, Florida Educational Facilities Planners' Association
  • 2013 1st Place Award – Architectural Showcase; High School Category, Educational Facilities Planners' Association
  • 2011 Award of Merit – K-12 Educational Category, ENR Southeast