Tohopekaliga High School

School District of Osceola County

As the District’s first new high school in more than a decade, Tohopekaliga High School prioritizes hands-on, interdisciplinary learning in a modern academic environment. The campus elevates the educational experience for students, teachers, and the community, setting a new standard in education design. Through forward-thinking design elements, the school emphasizes student engagement, collaboration, and personalized learning.

The school has created dedicated CTE pathway programs to ensure that students have access to specialized facilities, technology resources, and industry partnerships. This thoughtful organization empowers students to develop the essential skills and knowledge needed for success post graduation.
The academics were programmed around Learning Courtyards between the buildings with unique characteristics and extend the educational model to the outdoors. An art focused courtyard is organic and free-flowing in design, while a technology-based courtyard is orthogonal in shape and surrounded by gaming classrooms. Both spaces give students a place to collaborate with their peers and share ideas.
To foster creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, the school integrates a modern media center that incorporates different zones for collaboration, socializing and focused work. Maker spaces and flexible STEM labs provide students with hands-on experiences and resources to engage in prototyping, experimentation, and creative problem-solving.

Located adjacent to Lake Nona, a landmark in Central Florida for medical care, research and education, the career and technical education labs at Tohopekaliga High School cater to the specialized programs that will train and support the future workforce, including allied health, biomedical science and practical nursing.
Social and focused zones unfold in the media center dividing the space into learning ecosystems. A variety of moveable furniture shapes each zone to enhance the way students learn and study.


  • 2020 1st Place Award – Architectural Showcase; High School Category, Florida Educational Facilities Planners' Association
  • 2017 Award of Merit – Architectural Showcase; High School Category, Florida Educational Facilities Planners' Association