Ramstein High School

Department of Defense Education Activity

The new Ramstein High School replaces an existing 33-year old facility with a modern, student-centered academic environment that also serves as a global community center for the military families it serves at Ramstein Air Base. The design focuses on fostering an inclusive community, incorporating state-of-the-art facilities, flexible learning spaces, advanced technology, and enhanced security measures.

Located on a prominent site in the military community, Ramstein is visible from several vantage points giving the school a strong civic presence and serving as a landmark on Ramstein Air Base. The school's design is both modern and traditional and reflects the values of the DoDEA. The use of natural materials, such as stone and wood, gives the school a sense of permanence and stability. The school's architecture also displays the diversity of the DoDEA student body, with elements from different cultures incorporated, including the architectural style itself, textiles, and artwork.
With moveable tables and seating, the Commons blurs the edges between instructional and common space. At every level, the Activity Commons engages students and creates an active, inviting space to gather.
The dynamic 3-story Activity Commons is centrally located and doubles as a dining and performance space.
“Ramstein High School is the brand-new flagship of DoDEA and a magnificent building with the largest gymnasium in the DoDEA system.”
Thomas Brady, Director of DoDEA
Coined as the “information gateway of the future”, the Global Resource Center connects students to their classmates worldwide. This center is a highly collaborative, technology-rich environment and comfortable space for group projects, research and studying.
The school boasts a comprehensive technology infrastructure, with smartboards and tools in every classroom, enabling students to access information and collaborate in innovative ways. This technological readiness is instrumental in preparing students for the technology-driven 21st-century workforce. The school's advanced equipment facilitates connections among DoDEA students and teachers worldwide, fostering collaboration and enhancing the learning experience.
The exterior represents a modern vernacular using concrete, horizontal sunshades and translucent curtain wall systems. The steel structure is celebrated on the interior of the building and reinforces the concept of the building as a teaching tool.


  • 2022 Award of Merit –  Architectural Showcase; High School Category, Florida Educational Facilities Planners' Association