Charter K-8 School 

The Villages

An innovative approach has been taken in creating a compact K-8 school in The Villages Middleton community, incorporating adaptive and community-centric spaces. Nestled on a vast 37-acre plot, the architectural design of the school mindfully integrates with the regional surroundings, creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and warmth that resonates with every student. At the heart of the campus lies a cutting-edge hub, crafted to foster collaboration among students of all ages, with a special emphasis on the liberal arts. This dynamic outdoor space is thoughtfully divided into three distinct areas: Discovery, where students are encouraged to explore and expand their knowledge; Collaborative, where teamwork and cooperation thrive; and Fun, where creativity and enjoyment are celebrated.

Transcending the functional aspects of modern learning technology, the school’s design embraces the site's natural surroundings establishing a unique connection within the larger Middleton development. The front door features a central area connecting with other park settings and through a modular hub, fostering an interconnected student ecosystem. This inviting space not only provides areas for relaxation but also embraces active learning in a safe and nurturing environment.
The plan parti showcases five distinct vertical light wells. Custom supergraphics infused with educational ideas animate each light well, graphically elevating in sophistication and color as each student matriculates from elementary to middle school.
At the heart of the campus lies a vibrant and multi-functional courtyard, designed to accommodate outdoor dining and community events, creating a close-knit and collective environment.
The classroom buildings have been intelligently designed, utilizing a modular approach that allows for adaptable and flexible spaces. These spaces incorporate collaborative furniture and active learning stations with environmental graphics, and light wells within the classroom.

Safety and security are paramount, with a single secure point of entry, a secure lobby, access control through card readers, and strategically placed security cameras in the central courtyard design, ensuring easy supervision.

The gymnasium boasts three full-size courts with the ability to separate grades during athletic events, as well as a dedicated performance space with an elevated stage.
Collaborative furniture and active learning stations are infused with engaging graphics and light wells within the classroom.