Fire Station No. 9 

Sarasota County Government

The Sarasota County Fire Department’s legacy of dedication to the community, spanning over 110 years, served as the guiding force for the design of the new Fire Station No. 9. The goal was to create a space that harmoniously merged functionality, innovation, and respect for its rich history. The outcome is a dynamic and empowering station, igniting the heroic spirit of firefighters and equipping them to fearlessly protect and serve our communities for generations to come.

The combination of weathering steel and perforations makes the metal panels on the fire station a durable, low-maintenance, and sustainable way to enclose the building.
The core design principles prioritized functionality, efficiency, and comfort for the support and personnel spaces in the fire station. These critical elements ensure the safety of the community by enabling firefighters to respond to emergencies promptly and effectively. Furthermore, they emphasize the well-being of the firefighters, providing a comfortable and supportive work environment that enables them to carry out their essential duties with utmost dedication. This thoughtful design honors the needs of the county, reflecting the enduring commitment of the Sarasota County Fire Department to safeguard and serve its residents.
The LEED® certified building aligns with Sarasota County Government’s Challenge 2030, which encourages all county buildings to be carbon neutral by the year 2030.
The site has been home to a fire station for over 50 years and it was important that the new design maintained its standing in the community. Bee Ridge Road is a major thoroughfare in Sarasota with the Gulf of Mexico and a community park as the bridge to the east and west. The fire station is a central node along Bee Ridge that borrows from the local residential fabric in its roof vernacular, siding, warm materials and scale.