OEP Launch Bar 

Artist Collaboration

Three mediums created the Launch Bar. Sculpted out of over 100 layers of Russian birchwood and layered into an undulating mass, Schenkel Shultz and Modulo Design Studio worked closely to capture a soft, landscape-inspired form. The architect and fabricator discovered new techniques as a part of the design process. 

The shape was realized using digital CNC-cutting techniques to achieve the desired contour and profile for each layer in both vertical and horizontal directions. To reduce the material weight of the table, each birchwood layer was core-drilled in the center, preserving the edges to maintain legibility of the form.
Seamus Payne, through his photography medium, captured a visual language of curves, tapered edges and topographic contours. As if shaped by water, his technique removes the object from the ordinary as a table and transports the viewer into a desert landscape. The photography furthers the design story visually and highlights the value of craft, creativity and collaboration.
The Launch Bar is a multi-use tool and springboard for the Orlando Economic Partnership’s new headquarters in downtown Orlando. By design, the table can adapt to being a reception table, venue for cocktail events and flexible work surface supporting their mission for community exchange, dialogue and interaction to propel further investments into Central Florida.