Quest Therapy Center & Academy 

Quest, Inc.

Quest Therapy and Academy is dedicated to delivering quality and accessible education and provide a place for children of all ability levels to play and grow together.  Quest believes everyone deserves the opportunity to maximize their potential and achieve their goals. Since 1962, Quest has been fostering a lifelong outlook of motivation and success through a range of services proven to increase capabilities and quality of life. The beloved ‘Petey’ caricature appears within the brand and has set the standard to ‘reach for the stars.’  By borrowing from this spatial reference, the renovation incorporates ‘earth’ and ‘sky’ themes throughout the therapy and academy spaces. Sensory zoning is supported by transitional calming zones, predictability, simple visual cues, and increased personal space.

A variety of spaces are available, such as quiet rooms, group rooms, and outdoor areas. Guiding design principles also include access to outdoors, exterior views, and creating a community of learning. The spirit level configuration of the site allows for two distinct entries for the Academy and therapy school, respectively. As a result, a secure internalized playground is located adjacent to the second level multipurpose room for optimal flexibility.
The therapy entry is located along East Colonial Drive, a highly visible urban corridor in Central Florida.
Given the cultural and artistic language along Colonial Drive, the outdoor parking area and front door to the project was conceived of as an urban plaza, featuring local artwork with celestial theming within. The plaza and vertical retaining wall, reimagined as a mural, give Quest a playful public face that is specific to place and identity of the inspiring mission of the brand.