Executive Terminal 

Ocean Reef Club

The Ocean Reef Club is an exclusive oasis on Key Largo that celebrates nature and lifestyle. Nestled within a private community of luxury homes, a new private aviation terminal offers travelers a glimpse of paradise. Positioned in close proximity to an array of exceptional amenities, including a championship golf course, a marina, and several local parks and nature preserves, the terminal is a gateway to the natural wonders of the surrounding area. 

The terminal serves as a hospitable gathering place, to enhance the feeling of a modern club. Adding to the terminal's refined ambiance, a collection of art installations and vintage car photography adorn the space referencing the Club’s well-known traditions. These custom expressions enhance the aesthetic appeal and sense of locality, making visitors feel a sense of peace.
The lobby acts as an organizing spine and opens to a lounge area, gift shop and café for travelers with a separate entrance and lounge for pilots between flights.
Club members are immersed in tropical-inspired opulence, where lush decor, abundant natural elements, and captivating interactive exhibits are meticulously crafted to ensure guests leave with cherished memories during their stay.
The coastal modern design, influenced by the Florida Keys, adds to the atmosphere highlighting honor, tradition and camaraderie. A celebration of the members’ vintage airplanes, yachts and cars influenced the terminal design with an observation deck to welcome members arriving by air, land or sea.